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Reprint (air filter box cover)

Reprint (air filter box cover)

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Individual Motorcycle Decor Parts - Perfect replacement for damaged areas

We know all too well how frustrating it can be when an accident damages our bike's beautiful décor. Sometimes it is enough to renew just one side of the bike, but buying a complete new set of decals does not always seem like the best solution.

However, what you should know is that a 100% color and design match is not always possible, as we may change our suppliers, machines and materials in the meantime in order to always remain up to date and always deliver the highest quality products offer. This can result in small differences between the original kit and the replacement part. For this reason, we always recommend purchasing a complete graphics kit for the best possible result.

In the event that you only need individual parts of your graphics again, we offer a practical solution: you can request a reprint of the damaged parts of your graphics kit from us. All we need is information about the affected parts, the desired materials and your order number. You can find your order number in the confirmation email you received from us when you placed your order. If you can't find it, just contact us via Instagram DM and let us know which email address you used to place your order.

Regardless of whether you have ordered a full custom or a semi-custom kit - we offer you the opportunity to replace the damaged parts of your decor easily and with high quality. If you previously had another producer, we can reconstruct the desired part as best we can based on photos or any design views that you still have. Please note that the color deviations can be larger. This way you can ensure that your motorcycle continues to shine in its best appearance and that you can continue to ride without worries. With us you will find the right parts to get your bike back in top shape!

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Further information

How does it work?

It's really important that you tell us exactly how you want your design to look. We will use this information to create the design and then send it to you. You look over it and give us the approval. We don't start printing before then.

How many changes can I make?

After we have created or modified the design for you, you have 3 revisions (for full custom) and 2 revisions (for semi-custom) to change your wishes. So think carefully about what you would like to have changed and, if possible, let us know in bulk and not bit by bit. This saves us a lot of work and you money.

For each further revision we have to charge you 50€.

Cancellation and refund as well as returns for full-custom and semi-custom sets

A cancellation of your order and an associated refund is only possible as long as we have not started any work. If we are still in the design process and haven't printed anything yet, we can still cancel the order after individual consultation with you and only charge you a percentage of the original order value (depending on how much work has already been done).

However, if we have already started printing the kit or have even handed it over to our shipping service provider, cancellation and refunds are no longer possible. These are individually customized goods, which we would not be able to sell in the future.

Premium Supermoto & Enduro Decor

Video von einem Beta RR 350 2017 Dekor
Bild von unseren Stickern auf Holographic Chrome Dekorfolie und unserem Glitter Finish
Detail Bild von einem Full Custom Dekor von Mint Moto auf einer Yamaha YZ 125 mit Neon Akzenten