Decor gluing

How to stick your decor

So if you have now received your dream decor and are wondering how to stick it on your bike to get the best possible result, you will find the answer here.

What you need:

  • microfiber towels
  • water to clean
  • Isopropanol or special decor cleaner
  • (Hot air) hair dryer
  • Optional: felt squeegee or similar
  • Clean environment
  • Glue only at room temperature, not too cold and not too warm

check shape

First of all, we recommend that you put the decor on and check the shape. We try our best to deliver a perfect result, but it can always happen that something goes wrong when creating the pattern or during production. In this case, please take pictures that clearly show the problem and email them to .

We always recommend using a new plastic set, as even with good care and cleaning, a used set can show signs of wear and scratches, which means there is a risk that the decor will quickly come off again. With a new sentence you are usually on the safe side.

Find reference points

So if you have now checked whether everything seems to fit, put the first part on and look for reference points in order to be able to glue it exactly. Such points can be straight edges or holes for screws, but other punches can also help you.


Next, you should give the part a thorough cleaning, even if it's a new plastic part. Impurities or release agents from production can always be present, which then significantly reduce the adhesive strength of the decor. We recommend cleaning with water and a microfiber cloth and then cleaning with isopropanol. This guarantees that the component is clean and also free of grease and release agents.


So once you have checked and cleaned everything, you can start removing the backing paper from one side of the decor. Once you've uncovered a corner, you can then slowly place it onto the plastic and align it. Keep an eye on the rest of the decor and make sure it fits snugly at your reference points. Now slowly work your way up by removing more parts of the backing paper and placing the decoration on the plastic. DO NOT press the decal yet, so you can lift the decal and correct the position if necessary. Only when you are sure that everything is correct can you start pressing the decor from the center outwards. Watch out for air bubbles and try to squeeze them out. If this is no longer possible, you can use a little heat with a (hot air) hair dryer to help. However, be careful not to use too much heat here, otherwise your decor could be damaged or the foil of the decor could contract or deform. Also, after you have applied heat, you should always wait until the decor has cooled down again before you pull on it, otherwise you run the risk of deforming and stretching it, which can destroy the fit and the material. Especially with chrome, holographic and fluo/neon decors, you must not apply too much heat or force. These materials are particularly sensitive.

Fold edges

Once you have placed everything and pressed it on, you can focus on the edges and slowly press them from the inside out. Always try to make stroking movements along the entire edge in order to attach everything evenly.

You can now stick stickers on all other parts of your bike and always observe the order:

  • Check fit
  • Find reference points
  • Clean
  • Stick on
  • fold edges

set tensions

When you're done, use a bit of heat to go over all of the glued decor to release any tension in the material. This prevents foil that is laid over edges from coming off again. Here you can concentrate a little more on the edges and corners, as these are of course particularly at risk of becoming detached. A decor is particularly heavily used in the area of ​​the legs and knees. While blow-drying, you should press the decor again in stroking movements for an optimal hold.

When everything is ready, you should leave everything at room temperature for at least 24 hours so that the glue can fully bond.

Check after 24 hours if everything is still as it should be. If something has come loose, you can simply press it on again with a little more heat than the first time and fix it temporarily with some adhesive tape if necessary.

Now nothing stands in the way of your first test ride with your bike.