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Full custom decal

Full custom decal

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Here at Mintmoto you always get the best quality . It doesn't matter whether it's related to the design or the material and the print. Our decors give your bike an individual and unique look. Especially when you our Special finishes like ours gold glitter or one of our materials like ours Chrome foil you get this extra look. We adapt your decor to you individually and use all the logos and sponsors you want as well as your name and driver number. You are welcome to provide us with all these things and information when ordering, so that we have it easier.

All of our products are made using the latest printing technologies CMYK mode printed. This means that we meet the highest standards, because this is the only way we can offer you the absolute best quality.

Our print materials are from the best producers the world so you don't have problems with your decor peeling off in heavily used areas. Our slides are extra thick so they are as tough as can be and won't come off or get damaged on motocross and off-road typical.

Our laminates are also extremely hard-wearing and offer you the optimal mix of appearance and durability. Especially with our glitter options you are guaranteed to stand out on every motocross or enduro track.
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And this is how it works

1st order

You place your order and choose what materials and finishes you want. You must also state which bike and year of manufacture you have so that we can use the appropriate pattern. If you use other plastic parts such as a different front fender or a different light mask, you can also let us know directly. Furthermore, if you already have one, you can upload a few pictures as inspiration or a kind of mood board. This gives us a direct overview of what you are planning to do.

2nd contact

After we have received your order, we will contact you in the way you prefer and discuss everything with you to start the design.

3. Design Process

We create a first design and will send it to you. Then you take your time to look over it and tell us what you would like to have changed. Then we will comply with your request and show you the changed version again. By default 3 correction loops are included (ie: first design, 1st correction, 2nd correction, 3rd correction) For all further corrections and adjustments we charge you 50€/piece.

4. Production

When everything has been discussed and you are 100% satisfied with your design, we will start production. That means we print on the material you want and refine the whole thing with the finish you want. Then the whole thing is cut to fit your bike.

5. Shipping

After production, we pack your set professionally so that nothing can happen during transport. We then hand it over to our shipping service provider and you will receive a shipping confirmation from us.

6. Stick on and have fun!

Finally, all you have to do is stick on your decor and have fun. Here you will also find a guide to successfully applying your motorcycle decals.

Further information

How does it work?

It's really important that you tell us exactly how you want your design to look. We will use this information to create the design and then send it to you. You look over it and give us the approval. We don't start printing before then.

How many changes can I make?

After we have created or modified the design for you, you have 3 revisions (for full custom) and 2 revisions (for semi-custom) to change your wishes. So think carefully about what you would like to have changed and, if possible, let us know in bulk and not bit by bit. This saves us a lot of work and you money.

For each further revision we have to charge you 50€.

Cancellation and refund as well as returns for full-custom and semi-custom sets

A cancellation of your order and an associated refund is only possible as long as we have not started any work. If we are still in the design process and haven't printed anything yet, we can still cancel the order after individual consultation with you and only charge you a percentage of the original order value (depending on how much work has already been done).

However, if we have already started printing the kit or have even handed it over to our shipping service provider, cancellation and refunds are no longer possible. These are individually customized goods, which we would not be able to sell in the future.

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